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Medicare Compliance & Changes in Medicare Training

Please read before you enroll the consumer:

As an agent you must be certified in each product you sell.

When certifying for carriers that offer several products within their certification, be sure to certify and re-certify each year for all products.

Failure to certify in a product you are enrolling a consumer in results in an unqualified sale which negatively impacts the consumer and you!

Compliance is the key to a long and rewarding career. Please remember to check that you have completed each module available when certifying.

Selling With Integrity

The Copeland Group Marketing Compliance Team is here to help you protect your reputation and practice. We provide compliance assistance whenever you need it to make sure you’re selling with integrity.

Familiarize yourself with your compliance team by clicking here.

If you have a compliance question, please email it to

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NEW — The Scope of Appointment  |  Important Reminders

As you prepare for 2014 certifications and continue to build relationships within your market, make sure you understand the proper way to complete the Scope of Appointment (SOA) form. The Scope of Appointment Form is a CMS-required document. Click here to read important things to note…

Stay Compliant within CMS Guidelines | Reminder for 2014 applications:

As AEP approaches, stay within CMS guidelines for 2014 applications (effective date 1/1/14).  To stay compliant:

1. Agents should NOT sign their name, date an application, or print their name on an application PRIOR to Oct 15th.
2. Agents should ONLY have their writing number on the application prior to Oct 15th.
3. Spread the word to any of your agents if you have down-line

Reminder: Agents that violate the guidelines could become ineligible to receive commissions.

Thank you for your compliance! For any questions, please call Cathy Gatlin-Tillman at  877-619-0025.

Who is reporting Marketing Violations to CMS?

CMS has requested community organizations to report agents who violate Medicare Advantage marketing guidelines. Senior advocate organizations, such as Area Agency on Aging, senior housing, and other senior businesses are now part of the CMS surveillance  program. Copeland Group has a zero tolerance policy for agents who do not sell with integrity or who violate CMS marketing guidelines.