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Mel and Melissa Copeland
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The Copeland Group was founded by Melvin Eugene Copeland in 1966, just four years after making his start in the insurance FMO field in 1962. Over the past forty-five years, Mel has established himself as a leader in providing quality service to his clients, which has translated into enjoying a well-respected position in the business communities of Texas.

Mel is committed to a personal, service-driven sales approach, and has guaranteed the future of this tradition by retaining a qualified staff of like-minded professionals. Our Insurance FMO offices across the nation employ over 80 individuals whose entire purpose is providing our Agents top-notch service support. The Copeland Marketing Teams work closely with our contracted agents to ensure they’re selling in a compliant manner by providing on-site and online product training, certification instructions, marketing assistance, and enrollment processing assistance. We are also one of just a few FMOs that features an on-staff accounting team with five professionals dedicated to assisting with commission resolution.

Business is done in a personal manner – the phones are always answered by real people during business hours. You’ll never get a phone tree.

  • Mel Copeland started Copeland Insurance Agency in Amarillo in December 1962
  • Mel moved to Longview in 1966 and started Copeland Group, which has been transitioning and growing ever since
  • His first acquisition was made in 1972 when he purchased Hill Insurance Agency and doubled the size of the company
  • Mel made several other agency purchases/acquisitions between 1972 and 1982
  • Copeland Group added Group and Senior products in 1983
  • In 1993, the company converted to primarily focusing on the Senior market and their products
  • Copeland Group has seen a 30% growth per year since making the product switch
  • Mel took his first FMO contract in 2004 and now represents over 40 companies carrying Medicare Supplements and Medicare Advantage Plans
  • Copeland Group Marketing became the #1 Insurance FMO in Texas in 2011
  • Over time, the company has grown from one employee to 90+ employees